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Shenzhen Shengdachen Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly for the production of different countries and regions required for the electronic lines, power lines, plug lines, audio lines, computer cables and other products. The company has professional engineering and technical personnel, management and technical staff, Nissan power cord: 6000 KFT, electronic lines: 10000 KFT, plug the power cord more than 50,000.
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Companies adhere to the quality of the first, the principle of the supremacy of customers, flexible and efficient according to the requirements of customers to provide a comprehensive line of power lines, electronic lines and plug line solutions for customers to save procurement costs. We firmly believe that as long as there is a heart of integrity and a perfect quality service system, our products will be able to meet your needs! We will be in unity and progress, realistic and innovative spirit for your dedicated service, we will use the spirit of active and lively look forward to working with you for your cooperation!

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